(Provided by Roborak)

Roborak, ranked No. 1 in domestic all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner market share last year

(Provided by Roborak)

Roborak, a global cleaning appliance company, ranked first in the all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner market in 2021. The all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner is a product that has both suction and wet mopping functions. According to GFK, a global research institute, Roborak took a 45% share in the domestic all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner market in 2021. With a gap of 37 percentage points from the second-placed company, it took the overwhelming first place.

The size of the domestic robot vacuum cleaner market last year was 205.5 billion won, up 31% from 150 billion won in 2020. Among them, Roborak’s sales amounted to 48 billion won, a 165% increase from 29.1 billion won in 2020. Roborak said, “In consideration of the Korean ondol culture, it was effective to strengthen the wet mop cleaning function and introduce new convenience functions such as automatic emptying of the dust bin.”

Representatively, ‘Rovolak S7 Plus’, which was released in September last year, was featured in eBay Korea promotion last year with functions such as ▲sonic vibration wet mop ▲automated dust emptying station automt dock ▲auto lifting that automatically raises the wet mop in the carpet section. It was very popular, achieving the top spot in overall sales for the second time in a row.

In 2021, Roborac’s global sales reached $ 886.78 million (1.12 trillion won). The average annual net profit growth rate for the past five years has been growing at 84%. Roborak sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, France, and Spain. In addition to Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Romania, etc., the all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner market share is ranked first.

“Last year, we got a 45% market share on the online platform alone without selling offline stores,” said Seo-young Kim, marketing manager at Roborak headquarters.

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