(Source = Yonhap News)

Central Africa adopts Bitcoin as a legal currency… Second after El Salvador

(Source = Yonhap News)

The Central African Republic became the second country after El Salvador to adopt the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as its legal currency.

According to the AFP news agency on the 27th (local time), Postin Archampsé Touadere, President of the Central African Republic, signed a bill to make Bitcoin the legal currency along with the existing sepafran. The bill was passed unanimously in Congress.

The Central African Republic’s presidential office said it was “the first country in Africa to adopt Bitcoin as a fiat currency” and “the bravest and most visionary decision in the world.”

Earlier, in El Salvador, according to the strong will of President Nayb Bukele, Bitcoin was granted fiat currency status for the first time in the world in September last year. In El Salvador, money sent by immigrants working abroad, including the United States, plays a major role in the national economy, so it is important to streamline the remittance process. In response, Bitcoin was adopted as a legal currency to save money and time for remittance, but the local environment does not yet trust the cryptocurrency system.

On the afternoon of the 28th, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is hovering around 50 million won. As of 4:22 pm, on the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, Bitcoin is currently trading at 50,181,000 won, up 1.85% from the previous trading day.

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