(provided by 7-Eleven)

Buying luxury goods with convenience store app… Selling duty-free products through domestic customs clearance at Lotte Duty Free in 7-Eleven app

(provided by 7-Eleven)

Convenience store 7-Eleven sells duty-free goods through domestic customs clearance through its mobile app (Seven App).

Lotte Duty Free announced on the 28th that it would sign a strategic MOU with Korea Seven at its headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul. The sale of duty-free goods through domestic customs clearance is a system that allows temporary sales of duty-free goods in stock that have gone through import customs procedures to Koreans who do not plan to leave the country.

Considering that 60% of 7-Eleven application members are in their 20s and 30s, Lotte Duty Free is planning to expand its sales channels for new customers and domestic customs clearance. After Lotte On, Lotte Home Shopping, and Lux ​​Mall (online mall), Lotte Duty Free has domestic customs clearance duty-free sales channels to 7-Eleven.

Lotte Duty Free’s domestic customs duty-free shop, which will open on the 7-Eleven app from May 2, offers bags, shoes, and wallets from six global luxury brands, including Bali, Zegna, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacobs, at up to 50% off the normal price. sell

In addition, Lotte Duty Free will hold a ‘One Plus One (1+1) Special’ event to commemorate the opening of the luxury store. From the first week of May, items are selected by week for a month, and one more identical product is provided to customers who purchase the product on a first-come, first-served basis. All products are 100% genuine, guaranteed by Lotte Duty Free, and duty-free products purchased through the 7-Eleven mobile app are delivered free of charge within 2-3 days to the delivery address specified by the customer.

Park Seong-hoon, head of Lotte Duty Free’s Product Division 2, said, “We are collaborating with 7-Eleven to expand our customers to the MZ generation, who will become the main consumers of luxury goods.” Kim Hyun-jung, MD of 7-Eleven’s Non-Food Team, said, “The demand for luxury goods is increasing as the MZ generation’s luxury consumption is rising as a trend. We will make it into a luxury shopping channel that can be used conveniently.”

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