Brit dad killed ‘while fighting Russians in Ukraine’ is first UK casualty

BRIT volunteer Scott Sibley has been named as the first UK casualty killed in Ukraine while reportedly fighting Russian troops.

Tributes have been paid to the dad-of-two and British armed forces veteran, 36, with former comrades describing him as “the bravest person” they knew.

Scott Sibley was named as the first UK casualty killed in Ukraine


Scott Sibley was named as the first UK casualty killed in Ukraine
The Brit volunteer pictured a few years ago


The Brit volunteer pictured a few years ago

A second Brit volunteer is missing in Ukraine after travelling to the warzone following the Russian invasion.

“We can confirm that a British national has been killed in Ukraine and are supporting their family,” a Foreign, Development and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said about the second man: “We are aware of a British national who is missing in Ukraine and are supporting their family. We are urgently seeking further information.”

No further details about the British nationals have been released by the Foreign Office.

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His loving wife Victoria posted: “We are overwhelmed with everyone’s kind messages and beautiful memories that have been shared with us so far.”

Sibley, who was pictured with the Ukrainian flag on his uniform appears to have been a former member of the Commando Logistic Support Squadron.

They posted on social media: “This week the Sqn has lost a former serving soldier.

“A man that showed Commando spirit until the end. RIP. Scott Sibley”

Devastated friends and family paid tribute to a “beautiful guy inside and out”.

His friend Alex Darwin, who served with him, wrote on a Facebook post: “I’m in complete disbelief.

“What a pleasure to have served alongside you, to know you & to of experienced your kind nature.

“You were there for me, & I will forever be grateful.

“One hell of a beautiful guy, inside & out! Stand down, Scott Sibley.”

Another friend shared: “Scott Sibley you were a good friend, and funny as hell.

“You will be missed by everyone who ever met you that’s for sure.

“Until the big re-org in the sky brother. Stand down soldier, your duty is over. RIP, It’s our stag now.”

You will be missed by everyone who ever met you that’s for sure

Friend, Scott Sibley

Two Gofundme pages have been set up to help his family cover funeral costs.

One of them, set up by Craig Gant reads: “Scott was a son, father, brother and uncle.

“To me, he was a friend like no other and the bravest person I’ve had the pleasure to have known, he was as good as a brother to me.

“His life may have been cut short but he lived to the full and did things the Sibs way, right until the end.”

It is understood that the Brit was part of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gaming community as other members paid tribute to “Sibs”.

The second Gofundme page reads: “I know only a couple of us got to meet sibs outside of our community and many had arranged to meet him or couldn’t due to long distance, however each of us that had the pleasure of knowing sibs were affected by his contagious laugh and ability to cheer us up! (Or wind us up haha)

“We all have memories with him and he has helped us in different ways, if you would like to write anything with your donation feel free to do that his family can see how much he was loved by us all!

“Rest in peace Sibs we will never forget you”

Earlier this week up to 20 Brit fighters were trapped in bunkers pounded by Russian airstrikes as they mounted a defiant last stand in Mariupol.

They are holed up with hundreds of starving civilians including children and women filmed pleading for mercy.

One observer said of the scene beneath the fortress-like Azovstal steelworks: “They are desperately holding out  it’s like the Alamo.”

The Mariupol Brits are volunteers with the Ukrainian army who have vowed to never surrender.

They fear being tortured and killed if captured but face starvation after Mad Vlad Putin’s forces cut off supplies.

A British fighter, with them before being injured and moved to Kyiv, said: “There are as many as 20 British lads still there and I fear for them.

“Many are veterans of the conflict in the Donbas. A few have Ukrainian relatives.

“The lads are saving a bullet for themselves  they will not be taken alive.”

It comes as Brit volunteers Shaun Pinner, 48, and Aiden Aslin, 28, remain captured in Mariupol.

Ex-squaddie Pinner was paraded by Russian state media in a chilling clip captioned:  “Another mercenary was caught in Mariupol.

“Shaun Pinner is an English mercenary. He says that he no longer needs the war and he wants to go home. He won’t make it home.

“Captured Ukrainian soldiers testify about the atrocities of foreign mercenaries. And after the trial, they face the death penalty.”

Pictures of Aslin showing bruises and cuts on him, were shared online.

At the start of the invasion, a number of brave British soldiers joined Ukraine in the fight against Putin.

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Many of them were ex-servicemen and some with little or no military experience.

The UK government urged Brits not to take up arms on behalf of Kyiv saying they are putting the safety of everyone back home at risk.

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