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Premium fruit ‘Jinmatgwa’ acquired the certificate of excellent technology evaluation

(Served with real taste)

Real Delicious Fruit, the operator of the premium fruit brand ‘Jinmatgwa’, acquired the ‘T-3’ grade, one of the excellent grades in the technology credit evaluation.

Technology credit evaluation is a system for certifying companies with excellent technological capabilities, supervised by Nice Rating Information. After examining the economic value of the technology possessed by the company, companies with high future value and technology and competency are selected. The T-3 grade obtained by Real Delicious Fruit is the highest grade out of a total of 10 grades.

The technology certified in this evaluation is the ‘Agricultural Food AI Curation Platform’. Real Delicious Fruit started research and development in 2020 with DP and developed an algorithm that recommends customized agri-food. In addition to this, by adding genetic analysis of customers and agri-food, it also introduced a ‘1:1 customized agri-food recommendation solution’ that is most suitable for customers’ constitution and taste. To develop a solution, we collaborated with Insilicogen, which has an agri-food genetic database, and Macrogen, a genetic analysis company.

Jinmatgwa is a fruit brand that selects and delivers freshly selected seasonal fruits of Korean masters. Recently, a gift set was placed in Hesley Nine Bridges, a famous golf club in Korea.

Yang Jin-mo, CEO of Real Delicious Fruit, said, “We will lead a new paradigm of agro-food consumption trend through the ‘customized precision food recommendation service platform’ that analyzes the nutrients and efficacy of agri-food and matches them according to individual characteristics.”

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