Michael Jackson ‘got kicks watching his chimps savage kids & “molest” maids’

MICHAEL Jackson “thrived” on watching his unruly chimps attack kids and staff and even “got his kicks” from training the primates to molest women at his Neverland ranch, his former maid has claimed.

The King of Pop also allowed his child pals to hurl huge rocks at his terrified lion Kimber, let his elephants be chained by their legs in tiny enclosures – and even encouraged visitors to pet his giraffes even though the animals had previously attacked an adult and a youngster, she said.

Michael Jackson was known for his love of wild animals


Michael Jackson was known for his love of wild animalsCredit: Rex
A number of cruel animal deaths were associated with the singer's Neverland ranch


A number of cruel animal deaths were associated with the singer’s Neverland ranchCredit: AP:Associated Press
The King of Pop's ex maid claimed he 'got a kick' out of training chimps to abuse staff


The King of Pop’s ex maid claimed he ‘got a kick’ out of training chimps to abuse staffCredit: AFP or licensors

Tonight, an ITV documentary with Ross Kemp will seek to find out what happened to Jackson’s menagerie of animals 13 years after the singer’s death.

The TV show, Searching For Michael Jackson’s Zoo, which airs tonight, reveals how many of the singer’s big pets died prematurely – with two giraffes dying in a fire and another from a broken neck.

Speaking for the first time about the animal abuse, cruelty, torture, frequent attacks and sickening actions of workers at the star’s California ranch, MJ’s personal maid Adrian McManus said it still breaks her heart to think about what went on.

McManus worked as Jackson’s personal maid from 1990 to 1994.

Inside Michael Jackson's horror ranch with 'paedo lair & grim animal zoo'
What happened to Michael Jackson's Neverland?

Jackson insisted that she was one of just a few close staff who had access to his private quarters in Neverland.

In an exclusive interview, McManus told The Sun how she was attacked by MJ’s two orangutans Patrick and Brandy who grabbed her hair and wouldn’t let it go – and was also bitten by Max, Jackson’s untrained chimp, who was given the run of the house.

But rather than blame the animals, she points the finger firmly at crazed Jackson for thinking he was a “real-life Doctor Doolittle”.

McManus, 60, from Nipomo, California said: “Michael said he was an animal lover, but many animals were poorly treated.

“The zoo should not have been there because no one ever really properly looked after the animals and all of the staff were in danger. I am shocked no one got seriously injured or attacked.

“Michael should never have been allowed to have kept those animals. It breaks my heart to think about all the cruelty.

“Animals died and disappeared all the time at Neverland, but unusually it was considered normal. No one seemed to investigate or ask questions.”


Now The Sun can reveal how uncaring Jackson “thrived” on the chaos his animals created – and frequent bites and attacks by them were treated “as a joke”.

The Thriller singer had an obsession with monkeys and after getting rid of Bubbles, he bought two chimps Max and Alex, a deformed baby monkey called Ariel and a little green monkey.

All of them were left to run riot, looked after by terrified staff with no training.

Most shockingly, McManus recalls walking in on one of the star’s child friends sat in shock with blood dripping down his face after one vicious attack by Max.

“One day a security team sped across the property to pick me up from cleaning the movie theatre in a small white pickup truck,” she said.

The boy, his eyes watering, said nothing, but his face was swelling up. He looked in utter shock and trauma.

Adrian McManusMichael Jackson’s former maid

“They told me I had to get to Michael’s room immediately as he was asking for me, but they didn’t know for what reason.”

She went on: “They raced back to the house, I ran into his private chambers and saw Michael sat on the right-hand side of his bed, looking furious.

“One of his child friends was sat there next to him, looking scared and nervous with blood trickling down his face.

“Michael sternly said: ‘We couldn’t find you… I need you to go find some antiseptic and a band-aid as one of the chimps has bitten him.’

“The boy, his eyes watering, said nothing, but his face was swelling up. He looked in utter shock and trauma.

“Michael turned to him and raged: ‘I told you not to tease the chimp.’

“I ran to a walk-in pantry for medical supplies and handed him what creams we had, bandages and Michael cleaned him up on his own. It was not spoken about ever again.

“Soon after that experience, all the staff were sent to a doctor’s office in Solvang to get tetanus shots. We were told it was for our safety with the animals.”

Adrian McManus worked as Jackson's personal maid from 1990 to 1994


Adrian McManus worked as Jackson’s personal maid from 1990 to 1994Credit: JDMC
Jacko's pet chimp Bubbles accompanied him everywhere


Jacko’s pet chimp Bubbles accompanied him everywhereCredit: Getty
Ross Kemp's new doc tries to track down what happened to Jacko's wild animals


Ross Kemp’s new doc tries to track down what happened to Jacko’s wild animalsCredit: itv


Chillingly, McManus, believes the chimps may have been trained to unknowingly sexually harass and molest women. 

“On another occasion, I was out by the merry go round ride at the back of the main house,” she said.

“Me and another maid. on a break, went over to see them with their trainer. Max ran up to me, knelt down a little and stuck his head under my skirt.

“I panicked and asked ‘Who taught him that?’

“It felt like he had been trained to do that move, but the handler just laughed at me.

“Then Max ran off and played on the merry-go-round.”

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She added: “Animal encounters going wrong would be treated like a joke and gossip by staff, rather than actually serious concerns.”

Searching For Michael Jackson’s Zoo With Ross Kemp is on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday, April 27.

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