I left my abusive partner & then found a terrifying note inside his toolbox

A TERRIFIED woman has shared the moment she feared for her life, when she discovered a chilling note from her abusive former partner.

The post shared on the social blogging forum Reddit shows a picture of a yellow post-it note labelled “vacation plans” with a sketch of a coffin matched with the woman’s measurements.

A woman found a chilling post-it note from her ex-partner with a coffin drawn on to match her dimensions


A woman found a chilling post-it note from her ex-partner with a coffin drawn on to match her dimensionsCredit: Reddit

The caption reads: “I left my abusive partner and found this post-it note in his tool box that details his plans for a coffin that he labels “vacation plans :)”. It matches my measurements.”

Reshared by the user @oddlyterrifying after initially being posted by @Studiousderelict, the post has received over 2.2k impressions with many users jumping to the comments to share their thoughts.

Some users took the opportunity to briefly express their opinions on the post.

One user said: “not sure what makes this ‘oddly terrifying’ it’s literally just terrifying.”

Another said: “Dodged a bullet. Or in this case a nail in the coffin”.

While a third said: “Am I about to be witness to a murder?”

Other users gave thorough responses to the post, drawing similarities to their own experiences and sharing advice.

One user said: “I sincerely hope you’ve taken all precautions to ensure he doesn’t find you,” before going on to share their own chilling experiences.

While another said: “As an Indian living in the U.S. I will just tell y’all, right off the bat, your worst bet is running to an Indian household if your life is in danger (not that you would have any chance of knowing..) for some reason all the Indian families I know are extremely fearful at night and most won’t even open the door late at night (my own mom included). ”

Reddit continues to be a source of controversy and devised opinions across a range of topics.

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