Dad’s superhero surprise for son BACKFIRES leaving him in floods of tears

A DAD’S birthday surprise backfired when his superhero costume reduced terrified kids to tears, footage shows.

He entered a room dressed as Ultraman when one son began crying in his high chair and another, also in an Ultraman suit, hid behind a woman.

A dad's birthday surprise terrified his children


A dad’s birthday surprise terrified his childrenCredit: AsiaWire
Both sons began crying when he walked in as superhero Ultraman


Both sons began crying when he walked in as superhero UltramanCredit: AsiaWire

Another woman filming the event, thought to be their aunt Ms Chen, rushes over to catch the boy that has climbed from the seat.

She unsuccessfully tried to put the terrified youngster back but he refuses and tries to escape, holding onto her and crying.

The other boy starts crying too, so the woman takes him from the seat, while the first boy, now on the floor hides behind her.

She then burst out laughing at the Ultraman walked towards the terrified kids.

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A second video shows her kneeling and still holding the boy, while the other one continues hiding behind her.

At one moment, the frightened boy runs crying towards the person recording.

The parents planned to take a photo of the Ultraman with both children but the children were too afraid.

Ultraman is a Japanese superhero and the main character in the Ultraman TV series who has great fighting skills that like superman, he uses to protect the universe.

The incident happened in the Chinese city of Huizhou in the Chinese province of Guangdong last Tuesday.

Last year kids were left screaming when parents hired a Bigfoot character guest when plans to for a Frozen birthday party fell through.

Horrified children at the sixth birthday soiree were left in tears when the hairy mythical creature showed up at the door instead of the Disney princess.

The Oklahoma-based mum had been forced to switch the party theme after having issues with the cake.

The parents decided to invite Mrs Bigfoot to the party instead – but it didn’t not go down well at all.

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In a bid to make the furry beast less intimidating, the mum and dad had asked Bigfoot to wear a blue tutu, a bow and bring balloons.

However, this was clearly not enough, and all hell broke loose when the character arrived at the home.

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