(Provided by Musinsa)

Musinsa works from home twice a week despite the endemic… Expansion of the voluntary work system

(Provided by Musinsa)

Musinsa will start hybrid work from May 1. Hybrid work is a work method that properly mixes online and offline work. Musinsa is based on telecommuting twice a week, but it can be adjusted according to the situation of each department. In addition, the voluntary attendance system will be expanded, in which people go to work at any time they want from 8 am to 11 am and leave work after 8 hours excluding lunch time. This applies not only to office work, but also to telecommuting.

In addition, various welfare benefit programs were newly established. ▲The last Friday of every month is ‘Early Friday’ with only 4 hours of work, ▲mental health care service, ▲optional welfare benefits up to 3.5 million won per year, and ▲group accident insurance. In the case of group accident insurance, it is operated in a way that provides basic insurance for major diseases, surgery costs, hospitalization for injuries, etc.

Musinsa expects that the newly applied HR system reform will help its employees grow and provide an environment where they can immerse themselves passionately.

Na-rae Kim, Head of HR at Musinsa said, “With this system change, we will create a work method unique to Musinsa where employees can immerse themselves in their work and grow together with the company.” We will continue to expand the investment necessary for recruitment,” he said.

Musinsa is a domestic online fashion brand that started in 2001 as an online fashion community that exchanges domestic and foreign fashion information. In 2019, it was registered as a unicorn company, an unlisted startup with a corporate value of more than 1 trillion won. As of 2021, sales of 466.7 billion won and operating profit of 54.2 billion won.

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