Boss divides opinion with minion sign warning ‘WORK IS NOT MEANT TO BE FUN’

A BOSS has divided opinion in the workplace by putting up a sign telling employees that “work is not meant to be fun” alongside a minion character.

The tongue-in-cheek poster received a cold reception on the social blogging forum Reddit.

The posted has caused a stir online


The posted has caused a stir online

“Came into work this morning to find this taped to the wall,” the post reads.

“Boss went on tirade against me and co-worker yesterday for talking to each other with no customers in the store.”

The blunt sign reminded staff to “not dedicate work time to discussion of non-work topics”.

It went on: “Do not facilitate friendships during work hours.

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“Exchange phone numbers and/or hand out AFTER work is complete.”

And finally, in the bluntest sign yet, the boss wrote: “WORK IS NOT YOUR DAYCARE” .

The poster elicited quite the reaction online.

“We expect you to be miserable here. But don’t forget to smile!” quipped one Reddit user.

“Yes, we pay you to feel like you’re serving time but also be a great actor in front of customers,” said another.

A third wrote: “Every boss should understand this basic rule: if you look after your staff they’ll look after your company.

“No one is going to do a good job with these rules.”

A fourth posted: “Can’t wait until boss asks how everyone’s weekend/holiday/vacation was and is met with stone cold silence… ‘cause you just know he doesn’t think this rule applies to him.”

Another boss caused a stir when he handed employees a sign stating 13 work rules as she warns she watches staff on cameras “all day every day”.

The self-declared “mean” manager who issued the demanding list has been accused of “abusing her power” by stunned social media users.

“Every shift is to do all shift duties I will be watching cameras all day every day!!!,” one of the orders says.

Others tell workers not to use their phones, have food while on duty or be late.

At the end of the rules, the manager declared she is “over trying to be nice”.

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“This is no game this is a business and we are all adults if you can’t follow the policy or do the job you applied for then you need to ask yourself why you are here!!

“I’m over the games and trying to be nice so until you can do your job and follow the policy I will be mean and hard boss. Sorry not sorry.”

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