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Adjusting the speed of reconstruction of the first new city… It is inevitable to change the promise of ‘exemption of precise safety examination’

(Maekyung DB)

In order not to stimulate house prices, the Presidential Transition Committee and the new government are starting to adjust the pace of deregulation on real estate. In particular, it was announced that it would approach cautiously after collecting sufficient opinions and social discussions regarding the first phase of the renewal project for new towns in Bundang and Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. It is also planning to revise the promise of ‘exemption from precise safety examinations’ for old complexes that have been built for more than 30 years.

On April 25, the transition committee said, “The principle of new town reconstruction is to approach it carefully with a long breath, and to draw a big picture of how to develop it first.” In this regard, Won Il-hee, senior deputy spokesperson for the transition committee, explained in a briefing on the morning of the 26th that the real estate task force (TF) is considering the mid-to-long-term national project for the reconstruction of the first new city. Therefore, it is expected that it will take a considerable period of time until the actual implementation of the new city reorganization project.

There are five new towns in the first phase: Bundang, Ilsan, Pyeongchon, Middle East, and Sanbon. From last year (2021) in Bundang City, old complexes that have moved in for 30 years have begun to appear. Older complexes appear in Ilsan, Pyeongchon, and Sanbon this year, and in the Middle East next year, and the age of reconstruction is approaching. However, the average floor area ratio is 184% in Bundang, 169% in Ilsan, 204% in Pyeongchon, 205% in Sanbon, and 226% in Middle East. It was a difficult situation. However, when President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol made a campaign promise to allow the floor area ratio to be 500% and to lower the structural safety ratio from 50% to 30%, expectations for reconstruction in the area increased, and the sale was withdrawn and the price jumped more than 100 million won, showing signs of anxiety. In order to calm this situation, the transition committee announced that the new city would not be reconstructed immediately, but would be drawn up from scratch and then pushed forward step by step.

Accordingly, the promise of ‘exemption of precise safety diagnosis for more than 30 years’, which had been predicted as ‘regulation No. 1’, is also inevitably revised. Changes to the evaluation items for precision safety diagnosis were also expected to be implemented first, as there is no need to revise the law.

At a briefing on the morning of the 26th, Won Il-hee, senior deputy spokesperson for the transition committee, said, “We are not considering canceling the promises related to reconstruction.” It is assumed that correction is inevitable.

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