Trump warns we are heading for NUCLEAR war unless world leaders ‘get smart’

DONALD Trump has warned that if the world is not careful, we will be heading for a nuclear war.

The former US president, speaking to Piers Morgan on his flagship show on Talk TV, also claimed the war with Ukraine “would have never happened” if he was still Commander in Chief.

Donald Trump has warned the world could be heading for a nuclear war


Donald Trump has warned the world could be heading for a nuclear warCredit: TalkTV
He was speaking on Piers Morgan's flagship Talk TV show


He was speaking on Piers Morgan’s flagship Talk TV showCredit: TalkTV

Talking about the current crop of leaders, he said: “Our leaders are not smart… if they’re not smart you’re going to end up in a nuclear war.”

Referring to the word nuclear as the “n-word”, Trump said: “He [Vladimir Putin] uses the n-word, the nuclear word all the time.

“That’s a no-no, you’re not supposed to do that. He uses it on a daily basis. And everybody’s so afraid… and as they’re afraid, he uses it more and more.”

He accused his successor Joe Biden of “kowtowing” to Russia and said he would have been stronger in standing up to Putin.

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Trump claimed he had threatened Putin “like he has never been threatened before,” but didn’t answer when asked by Morgan if he had used nuclear weapons to challenge Russia.

Trump described the scenes witnessed in Ukraine in recent weeks as “terrible”, and agreed with Morgan’s assertion that Vladimir Putin is an “evil, genocidal monster”.

“What’s happening is horrible,” he said. “When I see all the death, all the destruction… it’s such a pointless war.”

Returning to his baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” by the Democrats, he added: “If our election wasn’t rigged, you would have had nobody dead [sic].”

Trump asserted that he had given “strong” warnings while in office to both President Putin and China’s leader Xi Jinping about possible invasions of Ukraine and Taiwan respectively.

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