Temporary tax relief for two-family homeowners… When the owner of the 1.7 billion home inherits the 900 million house, the estate tax of 24 million won → 2 million won

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance announced, “Even if a person temporarily becomes a second-homeowner due to inheritance or moving, the tax will be imposed like a first-homeowner.” If the government’s policy is finalized, it is expected that the property tax that temporary two-homeowners will have to pay at the end of this year will be significantly reduced. When setting property tax and property tax, it was decided to apply last year’s published price instead of this year’s published price, and it is possible to receive three major deductions that were applied only to single homeowners: the senior citizen deduction, long-term possession deduction for more than 5 years, and the basic deduction of KRW 1.1 billion. For example, a 65-year-old single house owner who has owned an apartment in Seoul (approved price of 1.7 billion won this year, 1.5 billion won last year) for more than 15 years in a single name for more than 15 years, in January of this year, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do Let’s assume that you inherited 800 million won). If the Tax Act and Special Taxation Act have not been amended this year, the multi-household tax rate (1.2 to 6%) will apply and you will have to pay 24,096,000 won in December this year. However, if the basic deduction for one homeowner (1.1 billion won), the three major deductions, and last year’s published price are applied, the tax payable will be drastically reduced to 2,044,800 won. Even if you are not an elderly person, you will have to pay 5,112,000 won in tax.

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