A customer looking at a fan at an E-Mart store.  (Provided by E-Mart)

Let’s prepare for ‘summer’ in the early heat… E-Mart, fan and air conditioner massive discount event

A customer looking at a fan at an E-Mart store. (Provided by E-Mart)

E-Mart announced that it will hold a discount event for fans and air conditioners from April 28th to May 11th to welcome the early summer.

On April 25, E-Mart announced a massive discount event with this content. A total of 100,000 units were prepared for this E-Mart fan discount event. The number has more than doubled from 50,000 units in the same period last year. It is the largest ever for a spring fan event.

The reason E-Mart launched a massive discount event for air-conditioning appliances even before the full-fledged summer started is because demand surged with the arrival of the early heat. For the past two weeks (April 8-21), E-Mart’s fan sales increased by a whopping 274% compared to the same period last year. As inflation issues such as rising raw material prices are added to the early heat, demand for air-conditioning appliances is expected to rise and demand to purchase in advance is interpreted.

The representative product to which the discount event is applied is the ‘Electroman Standard Fan’. Last year, 28,000 units were sold at E-Mart, taking the top spot in E-Mart’s overall fan sales. A discount of KRW 10,000 is provided when purchasing the event card issued at this event. In addition, you can receive a discount of 10,000 won for ‘Shinil Standard Fan’ and ‘Shinil BLDC Seat Fan’ with an event card, and 20,000 won for ‘Samsung Circulator’ with an event card.

Air conditioning discounts are also held. Until May 8th, when purchasing LG air conditioner products with an event card, a gift certificate of up to 200,000 won will be presented, and among them, when purchasing ‘LG Whisen Tower’ and ‘LG 360° Air Purifier’ at the same time, a discount of up to 200,000 won will be provided. In addition, when purchasing Samsung Electronics’ ’22 Wind-Free Gallery Air Conditioner’, you will receive a bespoke cuer, and if you purchase Samsung Electronics’ home appliances together, you can get a discount of up to 700,000 won.

Yang Seung-kwan, a consumer electronics buyer at E-Mart, said, “In order to minimize the burden on customers who are worried about the increased shopping cart price, the electric fan is being planned at a 30-50% lower price than general products. General home appliances also prepared a variety of discounts as a larger-scale event than in previous years.”

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