Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition (

If you put a Pokemon on it, it’s definitely a hit, right? Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition ‘sold out in 5 minutes’

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition (

The collaboration marketing of Samsung Electronics, which applied the recently popular Pokémon to a foldable phone (folding phone), has been a great success and attracts attention.

Samsung Electronics started selling the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition online from midnight on April 25th. After that, as of 0:05, the Award for the edition was displayed as ‘temporarily sold out’ in all colors (lavender, cream, green, and phantom black). The limited stock ran out in about 5 minutes after the online sales application started. As of 7 am on the 25th, 11st, which was selling the same product, all colors are sold out (except for options that cannot be selected).

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition (

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition (

In this edition, Samsung Electronics has launched a ‘sniper’ of Pokemon fans by adding accessories that apply Pokemon IP to its terminals and transparent covers. Pokemon accessories include ▲Pikachu Keyring ▲Pokemon Palette ▲Pokemon Encyclopedia Design Leather Pouch ▲Monster Ball 3D Grip Talk ▲Popular Pokemon Stickers 5 types, etc. The factory price is 1,280,400 won, which is 26,400 won more expensive than the basic model. Here, the hologram sticker of ‘Mew’, a fantasy Pokemon presented at random, has been added to increase the rarity. The ‘mu’ sticker included in the sticker pack is a limited hologram sticker presented with a 10% probability.

As such, as Pokemon marketing succeeded again this time following three types of Pokemon bread and Pokemon snacks, the industry and officials are paying attention to how far the Pokemon success story will go.

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