E-Mart 24 is conducting a three-way donation campaign with SSG Landers.  (Provided by E-Mart 24)

Let’s take a look at the prosperous baseball team… Shinsegae retailers serve ‘Randers’

E-Mart 24 is conducting a three-way donation campaign with SSG Landers. (Provided by E-Mart 24)

Shinsegae Group’s baseball team, ‘SSG Landers’, continues to run fast in both performance and performance, and distribution companies affiliated with the Shinsegae Group seem to be benefiting. We are going to ‘receive guests’ by conducting promotions using Landers.

‘Land’s Day’, which started last year, has already established itself as the biggest discount event in the first half of the year. ‘Land’s Day’ is the largest shopping event in the first half of the year, held by Shinsegae Group to coincide with the opening ceremony of professional baseball. It was first introduced last year to commemorate the founding of SSG Landers. E-Mart Lander’s Day, held last year, attracted 2 million consumers during the four-day event.

In addition to the ‘Land’s Day’ in which distribution companies within the group participate jointly, each affiliate will hold an additional event with additional personality. E-Mart has teamed up with game company Netmarble. The SSG Landers character was released in the game ‘Everyone’s Marble’ produced by Netmarble. An event in which 100% of ‘Jinhwa Randy’ will be paid to game users who have participated in the event on the promotion page of the E-Mart application by May 5 and ‘Jinhwa Obanjang’ will be paid to users who have accessed ‘Everyone’s Marble’ by May 20. Conduct. ‘Randy’ and ‘Banjang Oh’ are gaining popularity among users as the mascots of Shinsegae SSG Landers and representative characters of SSG.com E-Mart Mall, respectively.

In addition, if you participate in the Ssuk Marble event at SSG.com, you will receive a ‘Ssuk Delivery Dice Acquisition Ticket’ on a first-come, first-served basis, and receive a ‘Starbucks Coffee Gift Card’ or ’10 Super Premium Card Packs’ by lottery. do.

E-Mart 24, a convenience store brand, is conducting a ‘Samjin Donation Campaign’. This is a campaign to donate according to the home game situation of SSG Landers.

The number ’24’ in E-Mart 24 is linked with the ‘two companies situation’ in baseball. During a home game, in a two-out situation with runners, a donation of 200,000 won is accumulated whenever a pitcher strikes out by SSG Landers.

After the season is over, the accumulated donations are delivered to the underprivileged in Incheon under the names of E-Mart 24 and SSG Landers.

During the game, whenever two strikeouts are recorded in a situation of full bases, E-Mart 24’s donation message and accumulated donations are exposed on the electronic display to revive the players’ spirit and heat up the atmosphere of the game.

This donation campaign is the second event following last year. E-Mart 24 and SSG Landers donated 35.5 million won accumulated from last year’s strikeout donation campaign to support newborn baby supplies and daily necessities for single mothers in Incheon.

An E-Mart 24 official said, “Through donation activities in connection with professional baseball, baseball fans who directly visit and support the baseball field, and officials who watch the game at home, it is an opportunity to raise the level of attention to the baseball game and promote the E-Mart 24 brand. We expect it to be,” he explained.

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