(provided by Incruit)

78% of the people “will wear a mask even after the mandatory wearing of the mask is lifted”

(provided by Incruit)

Four out of five Koreans said they would continue to wear a mask even if the duty to wear an outdoor mask is lifted.

As a result of a survey conducted by HR tech company Incruit on 1,217 adult men and women, 51.8% of respondents said that they would continue to wear masks until the end of Corona 19, even if the obligation to wear outdoor masks is lifted. 26.3% of respondents said they would wear a mask even if the COVID-19 is over. 78.1% of the respondents said that they would not take off their masks even if the mandatory outdoor mask was lifted. On the other hand, only 21.9% of the respondents said they would remove the mask when the mandatory outdoor mask is lifted.

Earlier, the government announced the lifting of social distancing on April 15, and announced that it would monitor the situation for two weeks and decide on the lifting of the mandatory outdoor mask.

Wearing a mask for the past two years and experiencing the effects of preventing diseases other than COVID-19 was cited as the background for continuing to wear a mask. As for the reason for continuing to wear a mask, 66.9% of respondents answered that it was because they felt the effect of preventing other diseases such as colds, showing the highest response rate. Next, 13.2% answered ‘It is hygienic by preventing other people’s splashes from splashing on your face’.

After the pandemic, interest in public health has also increased. 80.4% of the respondents said that they have become interested in public health, such as personal hygiene and prevention of infectious diseases, after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Confidence in ‘K-medical’ was also high. 93% of respondents rated Korea’s medical care as ‘high level’ in the context of COVID-19. Of these, 35.4% answered ‘very high level’.

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