The baseball app 'PAIGE' operated by NCsoft serves as a test bed to experiment with NCsoft's AI technology. (Save page screen)

How to use baseball only with ‘Taekjin-hyung’ different from ‘Yongjin-hyung’

The baseball app ‘PAIGE’ operated by NCsoft serves as a test bed to experiment with NCsoft’s AI technology. (Save page screen)

“What does baseball have to do with games?”

This is a question attached to NCsoft, which runs the professional baseball team NC Dinos. Most investors and game users are curious about NCsoft’s baseball team operation. I wonder why CEO Kim Taek-jin keeps combining baseball and games.

However, this is only looking at the ‘outside’. NCsoft, led by CEO Kim, uses baseball to further upgrade the company’s ‘technology’. ‘Taekjin hyung’s baseball usage method does not fall behind ‘Yongjin hyung’, who raises E-Mart’s corporate value by holding E-Mart’s baseball tournament.

The core of NCsoft’s baseball contents is the baseball community app ‘PAIGE’. Page was created by pouring AI technology possessed by NCsoft. PAIGE Talk, where you can interact with AI, and user-participatory content that interacts with your club’s fans are provided. If you set up a support team, you can check not only AI content for the club and players, but also club news, game schedule, results, and rankings at a glance. The news content of the cheering team can be quickly checked by users only at the top through the PAIGE SUMMARY, which is summarized using AI technology.

During the game, the AI ​​edits the play in real time and shows the results of each at-bat as a video. Real-time records, innings, outs, and runners between the two teams are provided along with live information calculated to help users easily understand the flow of the game.

Page’s popularity among baseball fans is huge. In September, when the KBO pennant race is at its peak, users rush. According to Mobile Index, the monthly active users (MAU) of the page reached 63,500 in September last year.

Low barriers to entry are behind the popularity. It is easy to use and costs nothing to enjoy the app. Anyone can download the app and watch baseball content for free. Advertising time is also shorter than other platforms. Only a short promotional video for NCsoft is released.

It is not an app that makes money like Lineage, but NCsoft puts a lot of effort into the page. This is because the Pages app effectively acts as a ‘test bed’. Actively experiment with the latest AI technologies through the page. Unlike other sports, baseball has clear statistics and records. That is how high-quality data is accumulated. If you teach this to AI, your AI technology will become even higher. From the standpoint of NCsoft, it means that the AI ​​capabilities are further enhanced through the app.

In the future, NCsoft plans to introduce various services on the page that will bring out the sympathy of baseball fans by combining video and baseball record data beyond simply viewing baseball services.

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