(provided by FIFA)

FIFA as a clothing brand? Cowell Fashion launches ‘FIFA’ fashion business

(provided by FIFA)

FIFA? right. International Football Federation.

But what if a fashion brand with this logo is coming out? the world’s first Cowell Fashion, a listed Korean company, secured the right to develop a domestic license after negotiating with the International Football Federation. The 22FW Convention will also be held at S Factory in Seongsu-dong for three days from April 26 to 28.

A convention is an event in which a fashion company informs consumers and people in the fashion distribution industry that ‘we will develop a fashion brand like this in the future’. An official from Cowell Fashion said, “Through this convention, we will announce ‘FIFA’, which has been reborn as a fashion, and introduce a collection that will be developed in earnest in the second half of this year.”

During the convention, Code Kunst and Woo Won-jae, who signed an exclusive model contract for the 22nd FW season, will attend the convention. Together with famous soccer fans, Code Kunst and Woo Won-jae, they will present content that reinterprets FIFA as a culture as well as soccer, and provides sincere marketing in the second half of this year. He expressed his ambition to reach out to consumers with

Cowell Fashion develops a variety of fashion businesses based on the international football federation 'FIFA' logo.  (provided by Cowell Fashion)

Cowell Fashion develops a variety of fashion businesses based on the international football federation ‘FIFA’ logo. (provided by Cowell Fashion)

* What products will be presented?

Cowell Fashion announced that it will introduce sports casuals based on soccer as much as it secures a license from FIFA.

A company official said, “The 22FW collection consists of a heritage casual ‘Kick off’ line inspired by vintage uniforms and a ‘Club FIFA’ line featuring an athleisure look inspired by players’ warm-up wear. We will present a variety of items that contain FIFA’s unique football identity, such as clothing, supplies, and shoes,” he said.

There is also the possibility of going abroad. Cowell Fashion has already secured priority to develop in the Chinese and East Asian markets by cooperating with Estuary Brand, FIFA’s domestic licensing brand management company. In November this year, ahead of the ‘2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup’, the first ever fall-winter World Cup, as interest in soccer and sports increases, overseas business is expected to become more active.

Meanwhile, Cowell Fashion established the ‘Brand Business Headquarters’ this year, secured licenses, and is accelerating brand launch.

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