Samsung Electro-Mechanics accelerates 'Apple partnership' by supplying semiconductor substrates...

Samsung Electro-Mechanics accelerates ‘Apple partnership’ by supplying semiconductor substrates…

Samsung Electro-Mechanics supplies semiconductor package substrates (FC-BGA) to Apple’s next-generation laptops (Macbook) and tablet PCs (iPad). On this news, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ stock price rose 7.3% from the closing price on the 19th for two days from the 20th to the 21st, and as of 2:17 pm on the 22nd, it rose 0.3% from the previous trading day, moving up to 169,000 won.

According to the electronics industry on the 21st, it is known that Samsung Electro-Mechanics has confirmed Samsung Electro-Mechanics as the supplier of semiconductor package substrates for the PC processor ‘M2’ developed by Apple. It is said that Samsung Electro-Mechanics will develop a semiconductor package board, a core part of the processor, ahead of the launch of a new Mac series using the M2 processor this year. It can be seen that Samsung Electro-Mechanics has secured a ‘stable source of income’.

The semiconductor package substrate is a component that connects the integrated semiconductor chip with the main substrate to transmit electrical signals and power. FC-BGA, which Samsung Electro-Mechanics focuses on, is known as a highly integrated semiconductor package substrate with the highest manufacturing difficulty, and is applied to CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphic processing unit) that require high-performance and high-density circuit connection. In this field, the entry barriers are high due to high technology such as micro-circuit realization, large area (higher precision), and expansion of the number of floors, so Japan’s ‘Ibiden’, ‘Shinko Denki’, Taiwan’s ‘Unimicron’, and ‘Nanya’ have been leading the market. .

However, as non-face-to-face digital demand increased significantly after the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for high-performance semiconductor substrates such as data servers and PCs of IT and telecommunication companies also surged. In fact, as the demand for FC-BGA increased among large fabless (semiconductor design) companies such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, the shortage of FC-BGA was also noticeable. Already, domestic companies such as LG Innotek and Daeduck Electronics are accelerating investment by targeting FC-BGA as the next-generation food business.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics entered the business in earnest from the end of last year. In the past, MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, a component that stably regulates the flow of electricity), which is an essential part of mobile phones and TVs, was Samsung Electronics’ main product. After reading the market trend, I decided that I could earn high profits in the semiconductor package substrate business, so I started developing it as a latecomer. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will overcome entry barriers and produce the only FC-BGA in Korea, and will invest a total of KRW 1.6 trillion in new FC-BGA production facilities in Vietnam and Busan to start operation next year.

As Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a latecomer, is known to have been selected by Apple, there is an atmosphere that there is already a ‘partnership’ in the market. In December of last year, it invested 1.3 trillion won to build FC-BGA production facilities and infrastructure in Vietnam, and an additional 300 billion won to expand the FC-BGA plant in Busan last month. analysis.

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