Our Home ‘Sibling Rebellion’, which faces a new phase, has a 60% stake for sale… Is Gu Ji-eun’s system shaken?

Is Our Home, a company specializing in food distribution and catering led by Vice Chairman Ji-eun Koo, again embroiled in a dispute over management rights? Former Vice Chairman Koo Bon-seong (eldest son of Chairman Koo Ja-hak), who was dismissed as the CEO after being pushed out of the so-called ‘sibling rebellion’, decided to join the sale of his eldest daughter Mi-hyeon Goo in the process of selling the stake in Our Home. The business world is interested in whether the management rights of Vice Chairman Ji-eun Koo will be shaken as the brothers and sisters’ shares of a whopping 60% come out.

▶ Koo Bon-seong + Gumi-hyun’s stake to be sold

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