Do you know an aggregator? ‘LAN small business’ e-commerce corps… one after another unicorn

Click Brands 120 billion won, Wholesome 60 billion won, Boosters 12 billion won.

These are the news of companies that have succeeded in attracting investment this year. There is a common language between them. The word aggregator. It’s not just these companies. Catch Fashion, Next Chapter, and New Vessel are also rapidly growing as aggregators. The media commerce company ‘Blank’, which had been selling ‘drug pillow’ and ‘Pure Island shower head’ by exposing it to social media (SNS), also recently declared its transformation into an aggregator company.

In the US, the growth of aggregator companies is already evident. Companies such as Sracio and Una Brands have emerged as unicorn companies within 2-3 years of their founding. Last year, about 40 aggregator companies appeared in the United States, and they attracted more than $8 billion (about 9.4 trillion won) of investment (Marketplace Pulse data).

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