(provided by Korean Air)

A fine of 110 billion won for missing a seal… Korean Air struck by lightning in Russia

(provided by Korean Air)

Korean Air was fined 110 billion won by Russian customs authorities. This is because the customs seal was not properly stamped before takeoff. Korean Air responded to the sanctions by the Russian authorities and decided to respond with an administrative lawsuit.

According to Korean Air’s announcement on the 21st, on February 22, last year, Korean Air’s Incheon-Moscow-Frankfurt cargo flight (KE529) departed from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport with take-off permission, but part of the departure procedure from the airport customs was delayed. It was pointed out that it was missing (customs stamp seal). Accordingly, the Russian airport customs imposed a fine of 110 billion won on Korean Air on February 24, this year, more than a year later, on the grounds that it can impose a fine in the range of 1/2 to 3 times the price of the aircraft.

A Korean Air spokesperson explained, “In accordance with Russian laws, we submitted all documents, cleared the cargo normally, and received prior approval in electronic form from customs.” He continued, “As all procedures except for the customs seal and seal were followed, it can be confirmed that there was no intention of illegality at all. This fact has been explained to the Russian customs authorities several times.”

Korean Air has filed an objection to the Russian Federal Customs Service, judging that the fine is excessive. As a result, the Moscow Air, Maritime Traffic Prosecutor’s Office is currently reviewing customs measures ex officio. Upon completion of the process, it will be reviewed by the Federal Customs Service.

If the Russian Federal Customs Service does not accept the objection, Korean Air will proceed to an administrative lawsuit in a Russian court. If this does not work, even international arbitration will be considered.

In the industry, it is interpreted that the Russian customs authority has sent a retaliatory message to Korea, which is likely to participate in Western sanctions, for the imposition of an exceptionally large amount of fine. It was because they took the issue more than a year into the time of the invasion of Ukraine.

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