Pemex registers a surplus of more than 140 million pesos in 2021

Pemex obtained additional income of 140 thousand 527.2 million pesos due to the increase in gasoline and diesel in 2021.

According to the operating results of the Mexican oil company, despite the fact that the volume of gasoline sales increased watertight due to the moderate consumption that millions of users had, the price factor placed Pemex’s finances in good shape.

The registered rebound of 2021

The income obtained from the sale of gasoline and diesel was 523 thousand 648.8 million pesos in 2021. In 2020, the 383 thousand 75.6 million pesos.

The average volume in terms of sales of Regular (Magna) and Premium type gasoline, during the past year was 574.9 thousand barrels per day while in 2020, the figure reached was 571.2 thousand barrels per day.

Regular gasoline rose from 18.92 pesos per liter in January to 20.28 pesos in December; the Premium that was in 19.44 went up to 22.45 pesos during the same period.

The demand for diesel in 2020 had a commercialization in the domestic market of 192.7 thousand barrels per day on average; in 2021 it had a reduction remaining at 178.3 thousand barrels per day. However, the price of the latter presented a increase, going from 19.87 pesos in January to 21.82 pesos in December



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