After reform, 18-year-olds comply with the RFC procedure

Last year, the Congress of the Union approved a reform so that those over 18 years of age in Mexico process their RFC (Federal Taxpayer Registry).

With the entry into force of this measure, in the building of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), located on Avenida Américas, in Guadalajara, young people who were trained to obtain the document were observed.

Diego, 19, came along with his girlfriend Dulce, 18, who needs the RFC for her work.

“I read on networks that it was mandatory for 2022, but I don’t know what it is for. I’m going to ask what’s going to happen to my taxes because I don’t work. It is good for me to keep a control, “Diego shared.

Iván Salvador, 18, also went to the building to get his password.

“I came to get it to start looking for work because they already ask for it as a requirement. It was easier for me to get the RFC online because a lot of people gather and the COVID-19 situation is not up to that. But it’s good for me to start getting into this world, “he shared.

After the publication of Miscelánea Fiscal, the SAT reported that there will be no sanction for those of legal age who do not register for the RFC.

Earlier this year, the SAT stated that incorporation into RFC and obtaining the e.firma (electronic signature) does not imply that they are obliged to pay taxes or file returns, unless they already carry out some economic activity.

“This institution is very clear that the transition of the registry will take some time and during this period there will be no penalties, fines, or sanctions,” he reiterated.


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