Over eight million corona infections in Spain since the beginning of the pandemic

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MADRID (dpa-AFX) – The number of corona infections in Spain since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to 8,093,036. Since the previous day, 65,937 new cases have been registered in the country with 47 million inhabitants, the Ministry of Health in Madrid said on Friday. The seven-day incidence increased from 1482.63 to 1654.91.

Despite the high number of cases – triggered by the dominant omicron variant – the utilization of the hospitals has hardly increased in the past few days. According to this, 14 percent of all hospital beds were occupied by corona patients, and 23.62 percent of beds in intensive care units. A week ago it was 22.06 percent, a good one percentage point down.

Experts explain this with the relatively high vaccination rate in Spain. According to official data, 84.92 percent of the population have received at least one vaccination, 80.46 percent have received two vaccinations or one from Johnson & Johnson, in which the primary immunization comprises only one vaccination, and 35.48 percent have received a booster vaccination. There is no greater resistance to vaccinations in Spain than there is in Germany. Therefore, no vaccination is considered.


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