TeamViewer share: TeamViewer earns a little more operationally than promised

The software provider TeamViewer made a little more profit operationally last year than last announced.

The earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization adjusted for special effects will probably be between 254 and 257 million euros in 2021, the MDAX company announced on Wednesday in Göppingen on the basis of preliminary figures. That is around 47 percent margin based on the invoiced sales (billings) and thus slightly more than the last estimate of up to 46 percent. In 2020 the company had achieved a margin of almost 57 percent – in the past year the company invested a lot of money in expensive advertising contracts and the planned growth.

The invoiced sales for the next twelve months, the so-called billings, by which TeamViewer measures its success, rose by 19 percent to around 548 million euros for the full year in 2021 and thus met the forecast. The management around boss Oliver Steil had sharply lowered the growth prospects after several unexpectedly weak quarters in autumn, which had caused the share price to plummet. In the fourth quarter, the billings increased by 20 percent. The company plans to present details of the annual figures and an updated outlook on investment and capital planning on February 2nd.

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