Survey: a narrow majority does not understand corona protests

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – A slim majority of Germans have no understanding for people who take to the streets against the measures of the federal government in the corona pandemic. According to a survey by the market and social research institute Insa-Consulere on behalf of the Protestant news agency Idea, around 52 percent of those questioned stated that they generally had no understanding for the demonstrators. Around one in three (35 percent) stated that they understood the demonstrators in principle. According to the information, nine percent were undecided, four percent gave no answer at all.

There were differences between East and West as well as between different age groups and supporters of the parties. According to the survey, the general rejection of the corona protests, at 53 percent, is slightly higher in the west than in the east (46 percent).

Older people showed less understanding for the demonstrators. About 68 percent of those over 60 reject the protests. In the age groups from 18 to 59, on the other hand, only 42 to 48 percent of those surveyed said they would reject the protests.

According to the survey, the difference between AfD supporters and supporters of the other parties is greatest among supporters of political parties. Around 75 percent of AfD supporters say they can understand the demonstrators. In the case of FDP supporters, it was 43 percent (40 percent lack of understanding). In all other camps, a rejection of the protests prevails. Supporters of the Greens in particular showed no sympathy for the demonstrators (70 percent), with the SPD it was 68 percent, with the CDU / CSU 67 percent and with the left 55 percent./gma/DP/eas


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