Scholz hopes for quick advice on mandatory vaccination in the Bundestag

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Chancellor Olaf Scholz is hoping for a swift consultation in the Bundestag about a general compulsory vaccination against the corona virus. “In any case, I think it is necessary and will actively work for it,” said the SPD politician in the Bundestag on Wednesday.

Not to be vaccinated is not a personal decision, but has consequences for the whole country. Most recently, hospitals had to cancel operations to make room for the many corona patients. You don’t just make a decision for yourself, but for 80 million others. “There is no decision that you make for yourself, and that is why compulsory vaccination is also important,” emphasized Scholz.

At the same time, the Federal Chancellor agreed to an increase in the corona numbers. One must assume that the number of infections with the Omikron variant will soon increase significantly. That is a reason to continue the cautious Corona course that has been taken so far./tam/DP/eas

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