ROUNDUP: USA does not see any de-escalation in the Ukraine crisis before the NATO-Russia Council

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BRUSSELS (dpa-AFX) – Representatives of the 30 NATO countries and Russia will meet this Wednesday (10:00 a.m.) in Brussels for talks on the Ukraine conflict and other current issues. The expectations of the meeting are low, but the formation of the so-called NATO-Russia Council is considered positive. It is the first time since July 2019 that both sides have held talks in this format. Before the meeting, the US criticized that Moscow was still not trying to ease the tension in the Ukraine crisis.

It is expected that Russia will primarily promote new security agreements during the talks. From Moscow’s point of view, these should include, among other things, NATO’s waiver of further expansion and, in particular, of including Ukraine. The US has repeatedly ruled out such a commitment. Not a single one of the allies is ready to put NATO’s “open door policy” up for negotiation, said the US ambassador to the defense alliance, Julianne Smith, on Tuesday.

Above all, NATO is likely to demand an end to the Russian troop deployment near Ukraine. According to Western intelligence services, this is related to Moscow’s demands and is intended to fuel fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to persuade NATO to make concessions. The Foreign Office said that State Secretary Andreas Michaelis would attend the meeting in Brussels for Germany.


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