ROUNDUP 2: Corona record for new infections – incidence at 407.5

(new: number of Covid patients in intensive care units updated)

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – With the rapid spread of the Omikron variant, the number of corona cases is shooting at a record high. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of new infections transmitted within one day exceeded the threshold of 80,000 for the first time on Wednesday morning. The health authorities reported 80,430 cases to the RKI in 24 hours. Exactly one week ago there were 58,912 new infections recorded, with gaps in tests and reports over the course of the holidays.

The new Corona variant is considered to be much more contagious than Delta. Experts assume that with a complete basic immunization one is less protected against infection with Omikron than with earlier variants, but the protection against severe courses should still be good. A booster vaccination is recommended. At the same time, experts assume that Omikron causes milder disease courses on average.

The RKI gave the 7-day incidence as 407.5. For comparison: the previous day the value was 387.9. A week ago the nationwide incidence was 258.6 (previous month: 390.9). The high was reached at the end of November at 452.4.

In terms of incidences, there are currently significant differences between the federal states. Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt are doing comparatively well with values ​​below 300, while the city-states of Bremen (1,296.8), Berlin (856.4) and Hamburg (568.9) are at the bottom of the list. However, with a time lag, the numbers are also likely to rise rapidly in the so far less affected federal states.

So far, the Omikron wave has not been reflected in the intensive care units. The number of corona patients there has continuously decreased from around 4900 since mid-December, as of Wednesday it was 3050. For comparison: At the height of the second wave it was more than 5700. However, experts expect that as the number of infections increases significantly, so will the burden in the clinics.

According to leading US expert Anthony Fauci, sooner or later Omikron will hit almost everyone. “With the extraordinary and unprecedented effectiveness of the transfer, Omikron will ultimately find almost everyone,” said the immunologist and presidential advisor on Tuesday (local time). Vaccinated people would get infected, too, but most of them wouldn’t have such a hard time; so they would not have to go to the hospital and would not die. The worst will be those who are still not vaccinated, said Fauci.

The World Health Organization (WHO), citing an extrapolation, warns that in two months more than half of the people in Europe could have been infected with Omikron. Omikron represents a tidal wave sweeping across the European region from west to east, adding to the rise in delta numbers that countries would have experienced by the end of 2021.

According to the new information, 384 deaths were recorded across Germany within 24 hours. A week ago there were 346 deaths. The RKI has counted 7,661,811 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not recognized. The RKI stated the number of those who had recovered on Wednesday morning as 6,836,600. The number of people who died with or with the involvement of a proven infection with Sars-CoV-2 rose to 114,735./höz/DP/eas

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