‘Party over’ for Boris Johnson? Headlines weigh on Premier

LONDON (dpa-AFX) – After new revelations about a big party in the Downing Street garden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands in the crossfire of the British newspapers. Even the conservative Telegraph, usually affiliated with the government, headlined “Johnson loses Tories support” on Wednesday.

The “Sun” presented a defiant premier and headlined “It’s my party and I’ll lie low if I want to”. The “Daily Mail” asked whether the “party over” was now for Johnson.

Many regional media – such as the “Yorkshire Post” – tell the stories of families who lost relatives to the pandemic at the time of the alleged party in May 2020 and could not even say goodbye in person.

At the same time, more and more details are coming to light, which are an additional burden on Johnson and his employees. According to the Independent, workers on Downing Street were instructed last month to delete potentially incriminating messages from their devices, as insiders told the paper.

The BBC reported, citing unnamed sources, that high-ranking employees should have actively prevented further parties from taking place during the corona contact restrictions last year. Some other social gatherings under Johnson’s roof, which appear to have violated lockdown measures, have already been revealed by the media in recent weeks. An official investigation into the events is still ongoing.

After more than 24 hours of silence on the allegations, Boris Johnson’s weekly questioning of the Prime Minister in Parliament was on Wednesday’s agenda. Should it be confirmed that he himself took part in the party as reported, many consider his position to be untenable./swe/DP/zb

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