Chat service provider: Interior Minister Faeser threatens Telegram with shutdown

Nancy Faeser

The SPD politician is striving for a European solution.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is threatening to shut down the chat service provider Telegram, which is often used by lateral thinkers and right-wing extremists. “We cannot rule that out per se either, a shutdown would be very serious and clearly the last resort,” said the SPD politician in a “Zeit” interview published on Wednesday. “All other options must have been unsuccessful beforehand.”

Obviously, previous measures, including a warning letter from the Federal Ministry of Justice, have come to nothing. Many posts on Telegram have right-wing extremist content or contain death threats against politicians, which has so far had no consequences.

“I think it is one of the most important points to enforce the law here,” said Faeser. A European solution should be sought. “Today Telegram is in Dubai, tomorrow maybe in the Cayman Islands.”

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