Airbus shares in the red: Boeing loses ground to Airbus in passenger jet deliveries – Boeing shares lower before the market

Boeing sold more aircraft than Airbus in 2021, but delivered only half as many passenger aircraft as its European competitor – a sign of the changing situation at the two world’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

Boeing announced on Tuesday that the group had received 909 gross aircraft orders in the past year, but only delivered around 280 passenger aircraft – less than half as many as Airbus. The US aircraft manufacturer is now relying more on its cargo planes and military versions of commercial aircraft. Including cancellations, Boeing posted a net 535 new orders, including older orders for 56 aircraft that are now considered more likely to be fulfilled.

Airbus reported on Monday that it had delivered 611 commercial aircraft in the past year and received orders for 771 aircraft, more than twice as many as in the previous year. Including the cancellations, the number of net orders was 507.

Deliveries, for which airlines and other customers typically pay half or more of the purchase price, are being closely watched by investors. Analysts predict that Boeing will post nearly $ 65 billion in revenue when it releases results for 2021 on Jan. 26, up from $ 58.2 billion in 2020 when the company shipped just 157 jets.

Boeing and Airbus still have orders for thousands of aircraft due for delivery over the next few years, even as airlines continue to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the data provider OAG, this caused global air traffic capacity, measured by the available seats, to be 35 percent lower last year than before the 2019 pandemic.

The Airbus share temporarily lost 0.42 percent to EUR 117.90 in XETRA trading. The Boeing stock is on the NYSE pre-market 0.22 percent to 215.55 US dollars.

By Doug Cameron and Benjamin Katz

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)

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