60 years of Italian guest workers – Wolfsburg is celebrating an anniversary

WOLFSBURG (dpa-AFX) – The first train arrived on January 17, 1962: Wolfsburg wants to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of the so-called guest workers from Italy at Volkswagen (Volkswagen (VW) vz) as appropriately as possible despite Corona. At the monument “L’Emigrante” (the emigrants) in front of the main train station, a small gathering with contemporary witnesses and representatives from VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) and IG Metall is planned, as the city announced. On the site of the Designer Outlets, an exhibition will take a photographic look at the first Italian guest workers.

“The Italian workforce has not only contributed to the flourishing of the economy in Wolfsburg, but also shaped the cultural and social life extraordinarily,” said the new Lord Mayor Dennis Weilmann (CDU) with a view to the anniversary. Even if it is not possible due to the Corona situation to honor this important anniversary with a big celebration, he would like to express his thanks and great appreciation to these people. Far from their home in Wolfsburg, they would have built a new life for themselves.

The first German-Italian recruitment agreement was signed as early as 1955. But it was not until the end of 1961 that Volkswagen announced, according to the Wolfsburg Institute for Contemporary History, that it was “forced to recruit foreign workers”. One reason for this is that after the Wall was built, influx from the GDR largely came to a standstill, which exacerbated the labor shortage in the Federal Republic. / Bch / DP / eas

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