Wissing wants to quickly build a new ailing bridge on the Sauerland line

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing wants a quick new construction of the ailing Rahmede viaduct on Autobahn 45 near Lüdenscheid. The FDP politician instructed the Autobahn GmbH of the federal government to provide all the necessary resources and means, as a spokeswoman for the transport ministry of the “Westfalenpost” announced. On Friday the Autobahn GmbH announced that the bridge had to be demolished. This means that car traffic on the Sauerland line between the eastern Ruhr area and Frankfurt cannot be reopened as planned.

The head of transport policy at the environmental association BUND, Jens Hilgenberg, told the German Press Agency on Monday that there were enormous challenges nationwide in the rehabilitation of existing roads and railways. The A45 is just one of the upcoming major construction sites. Wissing had to instruct Autobahn GmbH to immediately stop all new construction projects for highways and to reserve the existing, limited planning capacities for maintenance. “This would be a serious commitment to the coalition agreement’s focus on the maintenance and rehabilitation of federal highways.”

The head of the Westphalia branch of Autobahn GmbH, Elfriede Sauerwein-Braksiek, had stated the goal of rebuilding the Rahmede bridge in five years. NRW Transport Minister Ina Brandes (CDU) repeated her request to the federal government to accelerate the new building. “That means above all: No new planning approval and no environmental impact assessment,” said Brandes./hoe/DP/eas

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