Termination for unvaccinated people: No jab, no job: US companies introduce compulsory vaccination

Citigroup in New York

The US bank wants to part with unvaccinated employees.

(Photo: dpa)

New York “No jab, no job” – no vaccination, no job. The US bank Citi is serious about its mandatory vaccination, which it announced in October. She is sticking to the deadline of January 14th, according to an email to the employees. By then, all employees must be vaccinated at least twice. Otherwise, they will go on unpaid vacation on January 15 and will be discharged on January 31.

“You are welcome to apply for other roles at Citi in the future, as long as you adhere to Citi’s vaccination guidelines,” the mail said.

With its regulations, Citi Biden anticipates national regulation that is currently still being discussed in the Supreme Court. Originally, a US-wide vaccination was supposed to apply to all companies with at least 100 employees on January 4th. After that, all employees must either be vaccinated or have themselves regularly tested if they do not want to lose their job. Religious and health exceptions were provided.

Several Republican-ruled states had challenged these plans. Now the Supreme Court must decide whether the government has the power to make such a rule. In a first discussion on Friday, the conservative majority in the highest US court had made their concerns about the compulsory vaccination for private companies clear.

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A regulation for hospitals that receive public funding through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid is considered possible.

While the Supreme Court is still discussing and the Omikron wave continues to roll across the country, companies or cities are creating their own rules and introducing mandatory vaccination before a decision is made in Washington.

For example, the meat giant Tyson Foods introduced compulsory vaccinations back in August. It has been 20 months since Tyson was criticized because workers in rows contracted Covid and more than three dozen employees died of the disease. Today the world’s largest meat processing company is a pioneer: More than 96 percent of its 120,000 employees were vaccinated at the end of October.

The City of New York also makes vaccinations mandatory for small private businesses

In order to convince the employees, doctors from the most diverse cultural backgrounds and languages ​​in the company provided information about the vaccine. As a result, more than 60,000 other employees who had doubts by then had themselves vaccinated.

Lufthansa partner United Airlines was the first US airline to make vaccinations mandatory in the summer. The same goes for the Amtrak rail company, which made the vaccine mandatory for its 17,500 employees in November. And several US banks had made the vaccine mandatory, at least for employees who want to go back to the office.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

With new rules for unvaccinated people, the metropolis is much stricter than the rest of the USA.

(Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire)

In the city of New York, Mayor Bill De Blasio has already introduced compulsory vaccination for all private companies. There was already compulsory vaccination for municipal employees such as teachers, street cleaners and police officers. But since December 27, all company employees have either had to be vaccinated or tested.

The metropolis, which is currently inundated by the Omikron wave, has not only brought forward the Biden Plan, but has also expanded it to include smaller private companies. In New York, the local transport provider MTA had to close entire subway lines due to Omikron cases among its employees, Broadway theaters had to cancel their performances and supermarkets were partly working with half the occupation.

“I am 110 percent convinced that it was right and that it will remain right – especially given the vehemence of Omikron,” said De Blasio recently. “I don’t know if there will be another variant. But I know our best defense is to get everyone vaccinated, and the vaccination requirement worked. “

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