Order, key to consolidating a business

The economic recovery experienced its first “strong” season for businesses. The recently concluded Christmas season generated high expectations in the different industries in the market. Clothing stores waited -through sales- to recover from the streak that the pandemic left (and continues to leave), in particular the end of 2020 given the increase in infections by COVID-19 and where it was necessary to close the turns called no essential.

Fortunately, the last days of 2021 left “a better taste in the mouth”, although it is still not possible to speak of a full recovery, as Laura Patricia García perceives it, owner of Divas Boutique, a women’s clothing store that was born in 2010 and has a branch.

Member of a family where commerce is a way of life, Laura decided to start her own business 15 years ago when she lived in Mexico City. Later, when he settled in Guadalajara, he did the same in 2010 with the boutique that to this day offers formal and youth clothing for women.

The blow that 2020 brought with the inevitable slogan of closing the store for two months, was hard, but it managed to remain thanks to the discipline and organization that Laura maintains and that, obviously, is the basis of Divas Boutique.

Like most businesses, He searched social networks for a way to stay current with his clients and attract others; She recognizes that cyber work is not her priority because it requires too much time, therefore, she prefers personalized attention, perhaps later she will look for personnel to take care of that niche – virtuality – that for many has become the new normal.

Congruence between earned and spent

Laura is one of the people who does put financial advice into practice, specifically, writing down expenses in a notebook. “I am one of the people who say: I have earned so much now, I have spent so much; I even write down what I bought in the corner store, there I realize how much I sold, how much I really spent, and how much I invested ”. He assures that he is very respectful of the investment and does not take it at all because he knows that the success of any business is to reinvest. In 2020 it only “went out for expenses”, there were no “tastes” but it was able to give movement to the store with merchandise different from those sold in other places.

The best advice Laura can give to those who plan or undertake a commercial project in the following months is to have “certain sacrifices” so that it lasts.. For many, being their own boss supposes some slack in expenses and schedules, however the reality is different, points out the owner of Divas Boutique, “if you do not know how much you are spending or consume the investment, you will not be able to sustain a business, you will not give variety so that it does not become ordinary, and above all, not rush into opening more branches ”. In Laura, expansion was not a priority, on the contrary, she preferred to focus on her two stores and not neglect other essential areas of her personal life.

“If you do not know how much you are spending or consume the investment, you will not be able to sustain a business, you will not give it variety so that it does not become ordinary.”

Laura Patricia García, owner of Divas Boutique.

Bet on local products

Currently the store offers clothing with national merchandise, only 20% is imported, which distinguishes it from the others.

This allows supporting other local producers, who from their trenches generate sources of employment and make their profits and work project directly benefit the region.

In addition, since the opening of each boutique until today, it has remained entirely in what they sell: quality clothing, it does not pretend to offer shoes or bags, with the aim of satisfying the needs of its customers.

Its projection is to continue in the same line and invest in imports that are different from what is known.


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