India begins to boost its population

NEW DELHI (dpa-AFX) – India has started to boost its population. As of Monday, personnel in the health care system, the police or the army, officials in the Corona service and people over 60 at risk received the third dose of corona vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health in New Delhi. A total of around 57.5 million people in the 1.3 billion-inhabitant country are likely to come to the booster date, local media reported.

Around half of the population has received two doses so far. Most of them got the Indian-made product from AstraZeneca called Covishield.

Corona numbers related to Omikron have been rising rapidly for some time after the numbers were low after a violent and fatal delta wave just under a year ago. On Monday, the Ministry of Health reported almost 180,000 new infections every day – 20,000 more than the day before. During the violent delta wave, around 400,000 new infections a day were reported at peak times, and most people were not vaccinated at the time. Studies indicated a large number of unreported cases and deaths ./asg/DP/eas

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