Energy supply: More and more electricity and gas providers are increasing their prices sharply

Düsseldorf The wave of drastic price increases for electricity and gas is not ebbing. In 692 cases, basic electricity suppliers increased their prices or announced this, the online portal Check24 announced on Monday. That was 52 more than a week earlier. The surcharges would be an average of 65.1 percent. A good 4.3 million households are affected.

For a model household with an annual consumption of 5000 kilowatt hours, this means additional costs of 1068 euros per year. 43 basic providers reduced their prices by an average of 2.2 percent at the turn of the year. SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert called on the electricity and gas suppliers to prevent electricity and gas locks “under all circumstances”.

“Due to the increased costs of electricity generation in coal and gas power plants, declines in production of renewable energies and at the same time great demand from the economy, the electricity prices are currently particularly high”, says the managing director of energy at Check24, Steffen Suttner. The reduction in the green electricity levy at the beginning of the year to 3.7 cents per kilowatt hour after 6.5 cents will probably not reach consumers because the procurement prices are still very high. For portals like Check24 and Verivox, changing providers is part of the business model.

In the past few weeks, various smaller providers have filed for bankruptcy or canceled deliveries to their customers. Customers automatically fall into the basic supply of the local market leader, such as municipal utilities and regional suppliers. Many of these have introduced tariffs specifically for new customers, some of which are significantly higher than those of existing customers.

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Consumer advocates and politicians have sharply criticized this. The effect of appeals is apparently limited. According to Check24, 303 basic providers introduced new tariffs exclusively for new customers – 43 more than before his week. The prices have been raised by around 104 percent on average, which means additional costs of 1707 euros per year for a model household.

Many utilities also turned the price screw for gas. According to the portal, prices have been increased or this has been announced in 1066 cases. The average price increases of 71.2 percent apply to a good 3.6 million households.

Kühnert and Consumer Protection Minister Steffi Lemke (Greens) had promised Reuters help for those affected. Kühnert spoke on Monday of the “urgent recommendation” to contact suppliers and consumer protection centers in order to avoid unnecessary costs. The providers are responsible “that electricity and gas locks are to be prevented under all circumstances,” he added. You shouldn’t allow quick shots.

A spokeswoman for the housing and building ministry said the project of a heating subsidy for housing benefit recipients was going to be discussed in the ministries in a timely manner. The cabinet should decide in late January or early February. She did not want to comment on the amount of the one-time increase in heating subsidy.

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