Diesel price rises to an all-time high

Status: 01/10/2022 1:27 p.m.

Diesel drivers currently have to pay more for their fuel than ever before. According to ADAC, the reasons for this include the winter, the increase in the CO2 tax – and the crisis in Kazakhstan.

The intermittent relaxation at the gas pump is over. According to a survey by the ADAC, diesel drivers currently have to pay more for their fuel than ever before. The nationwide daily average on Sunday, a liter of diesel cost 1.584 euros – that is the highest value ever measured by the traffic club. E10 premium petrol hit the books at 1.659 euros per liter and is thus still 5 cents away from its record value from 2012.

“For people who have a diesel and have to drive to work, the prices are already heavy,” said ADAC fuel market expert Jürgen Albrecht. “At the moment, everything comes at the same time with the diesel price. The typical seasonal increase, the expensive oil and the increase in the CO2 tax at the beginning of the year.” The increase in the CO2 price amounts to around 1.5 cents per liter of fuel.

Fuel prices hit capers

The oil price had recently risen against the background of the unrest in the producing country of Kazakhstan. Also noticeable is the very small gap of 7.5 cents between the diesel and the Super E10. “From the point of view of the tax situation, it would actually be a good 20 cents,” said Albrecht. However, it is typically lower in winter. “On the one hand, this is due to the fact that diesel then becomes more expensive due to the higher demand for heating oil. On the other hand, travel, which primarily drives gasoline demand, is lower in the first few months of the year. In summer it is typically exactly the other way around and the gap is accordingly usually higher . ”

The fuel prices hit capers last year. After a very favorable start, Diesel reached an all-time high in autumn, which has now been exceeded again, with premium gasoline just barely past its record values. November was the most expensive month for refueling ever. After that, prices fell for a few weeks before they went up again.

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