TABLE / Annual taxation in federal states still above 5 percent

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Inflationary pressure in Germany remains at a high level in December and has accelerated in some of the federal states. This applies to North Rhine-Westphalia, where consumer prices rose year-on-year by 5.2 (November: 5.1) percent, and in Hesse by 5.4 after 5.3 percent. In Brandenburg, the annual rate remained at 5.7 percent, which, as in November, represents the highest value among the federal states.

The statisticians from Düsseldorf estimate the annual average for 2021 as a price increase of 3.2 percent, those from Hessen 3.1 percent.

This indicates that annual inflation in Germany will again have a 5 before the decimal point in December and may even be higher than in the previous month. For months, inflation has been fueled by rising energy prices. In addition, there are material shortages and delivery bottlenecks as well as the introduction of the CO2 tax at the beginning of the year and the base effect due to the temporary lowering of VAT rates in the second half of 2020.

For Germany as a whole (announced at 2 p.m.), economists expect consumer prices to have risen by 0.3 percent in December compared to the previous month, after a fall of 0.2 percent in November. According to the forecast, the annual inflation rate is expected to decrease slightly to 5.1 (5.2) percent.


December November

+++ published

North Rhine-Westphalia + 0.5% compared to Vm -0.3% compared to Vm

+5,2% gg Vj +5,1% gg Vj

Hessen +0,7% gg Vm -0,2% gg Vm

+5,4% gg Vj +5,3% gg Vj

Brandenburg +0,6% gg Vm -0,2% gg Vm

+5,7% gg Vj +5,7% gg Vm

+++ not yet published

Bayern xx,x% gg Vm -0,2% gg Vm

xx,x% gg Vj +5,3% gg Vj

Sachsen xx,x% gg Vm -0,2% gg Vm

xx,x% gg Vj +5,0% gg Vj

Baden-Württemberg xx,x% gg Vm -0,1% gg Vm

xx,x% gg Vj +4,9% gg Vj


Germany FORECAST + 0.3% compared to Vm * -0.2% compared to Vm

(14.00 Uhr) + 5.1% gg Vj * + 5.2% gg Vj



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