ROUNDUP / Aktien Frankfurt opening: losses – Fed could tighten monetary policy

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The German financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main.

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – The fear of a more restrictive monetary policy in the US has the German stock market firmly under control again. The leading index Dax fell 1.10 percent to 16,092.97 points in early trading on Thursday, after missing an all-time high by just a few points in the middle of the week.

The MDax the midsize company lost 1.27 percent to 35 178.94 points on Thursday. For the leading Eurozone index EuroStoxx 50 it went down 1.48 percent.

Recent statements by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) caused uncertainty. According to the Fed minutes published the previous evening, some of its members spoke out in favor of starting to reduce the central bank’s total assets shortly after the first rate hike. This would no longer replace expiring bonds, which should depress bond prices and increase yields accordingly. This, in turn, would make stocks less attractive compared to fixed income securities.

In addition, it was repeatedly emphasized that both economic and inflation developments speak in favor of a faster exit from the loose monetary policy. A faster rate hike than previously expected could be justified, it said.


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