Lindner is undecided on the question of mandatory vaccination

STUTTGART (dpa-AFX) – FDP federal chief Christian Lindner is, in his own words, still undecided about a general vaccination requirement. “I am no longer fundamentally against it,” he said on Thursday on the sidelines of the traditional Epiphany meeting of the FDP in Stuttgart. “But I haven’t made a positive decision either.” For example, he does not yet know the group proposals in the Bundestag. In addition, due to the development of the situation around the Omikron variant of the corona virus, a decision cannot yet be made. “That’s why it’s good that we take our time,” said Lindner. “For the fifth, for the Omikron wave, a general vaccination requirement would not make a contribution either.”

The Bundestag is expected to decide this year on a general vaccination against Corona in a free vote without parliamentary group discipline. Resistance is stirring within the FDP in the Bundestag. The deputy FDP chairman Wolfgang Kubicki and other FDP MPs had clearly spoken out against such an obligation in a draft proposal./poi/DP/jha

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