Lauterbach still considers the general corona vaccination requirement to be sensible

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach believes that a general compulsory corona vaccination in Germany still makes sense. “I consider compulsory vaccination to be important in order to prevent us from facing this problem that we have now again in the autumn,” said the SPD politician on Thursday on the television channel “Welt”. It is very unlikely that Omikron will be the last major virus variant. And there could also be variants that are as contagious as Omikron, but more dangerous. “I have to be prepared for this, and compulsory vaccination would be the most important thing for me, because then I could very quickly immunize the population from such a serious threat.”

According to current planning, the Bundestag should decide on a general obligation to vaccinate against corona in a free vote without parliamentary group discipline. Lauterbach doesn’t believe in questioning this step and viewing Omikron as “a kind of contamination, a kind of dirty vaccination”. “I warn against that,” said the minister. He believes that this would “leave a great many people seriously ill”.

According to the Minister of Health, it is “completely open” whether an infection with Omikron will protect against new variants later. “Nor has it been said that you have to be vaccinated all the time.” The vaccines that were developed two years ago still offer very good protection against death and serious illness./jr/DP/ngu

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