Ukraine conflict: Borrell urges EU participation in deliberations

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The European Union is urging to be involved in the upcoming talks on de-escalating the Ukraine conflict and the security guarantees demanded by Moscow. “If Moscow, as announced, wants to talk about the security architecture in Europe and security guarantees from January, then that is not just a matter that concerns America and Russia. The EU must be involved in these negotiations, such negotiations only make sense if they are they take place in close coordination with and with the participation of the EU “, said the EU foreign affairs representative Josep Borrell WELT. He added: “We don’t want to be an uninvolved audience with decisions made over their heads.”

At the same time, EU chief diplomat Borrell announced that the EU was considering a military training mission in Ukraine and that the first preparations had already started. “We are thinking about an EU military advisory and training mission in Ukraine (EU Military Advisory and Training Mission Ukraine). European military instructors would train leadership personnel of the Ukrainian army. We have already evaluated on site what the Ukrainians need, as we do can help concretely what such a mission costs and who could take part in it. I will soon submit a corresponding proposal to the EU states. ”

The former Spanish foreign minister asked Moscow to change the negotiating format: “Yes, that’s exactly what Moscow wants: two actors who share their spheres of influence. Russia wants to negotiate the European security architecture without including the European Union – that’s absurd. We will not accept that. Nothing is decided about us without our being there. ” Background: After weeks of escalation in the Ukraine conflict, representatives of the USA and Russia will hold initial talks on de-escalation in Geneva on January 10 according to their previous plans. Two days later, on January 12, talks between NATO and Moscow are planned. Consultations between the OSCE and Russia are to follow on January 13th. A good week before Christmas, Moscow presented concrete proposals to the USA and NATO and invited both sides to deliberations on “security guarantees” and NATO’s eastward expansion.

Borrell went on to say: “Anyone who wants to negotiate the future security architecture in Europe, of course, also has to speak to the Europeans. European security is our security. It’s about us. Two states, America and Russia, or them, cannot simply do that NATO and Russia are negotiating – even if Moscow imagines it that way. ” There are some EU members who do not belong to NATO.

Moscow’s demand for security guarantees and for an end to the enlargement of the EU and NATO in the east as a “purely Russian agenda with completely unacceptable conditions, especially with a view to Ukraine”. Borrell called for talks with Moscow to include “breaches of treaty since the adoption of the Helsinki Final Act in 1975”. The development of human rights in Russia should also be discussed.

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December 28, 2021 20:00 ET (01:00 GMT)

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