“The yield of the first half of next year, KOSDAQ > KOSPI”… The interest rate is 2.99% per annum.

KB Securities predicted that “next year’s KOSDAQ market will generate higher returns compared to the KOSPI in the first half of the year.” He also predicted that “after the spring of next year, once concerns about inflation are alleviated, industries such as rechargeable batteries and games, which are undergoing recent corrections, will once again show a strong trend.” Ebest Investment & Securities also analyzed that “the KOSDAQ is expected to perform better than the KOSPI,” and “the flow of individual stocks is expected due to the sluggishness of large-cap stocks.”

In such a market, a stock loan, which recently drastically cut the loan interest rate, has emerged and is attracting attention from stock investors. When a stock whose stock price is expected to rise is discovered, it is good news for market participants who were sad about the lack of investment.

‘Yaho Stock Loan’ recently cut interest rates significantly and launched a product that can be freely used and used as a negative bankbook. The ‘2.99% per annum’ product is the only Yaho Stock Loan, and it is popular because it can be used for a long time at an interest rate that does not rise.

Investors who want to know more about Yaho Stock Loan can contact the customer center (1577-8724) for convenient consultation with a professional counselor 24 hours a day, regardless of whether or not they have a loan. More information can be found on the Yahostockron website.

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☎ Yaho Stock Ron Inquiry Phone: 1577-8724

◆ 2.99% per annum, the lowest interest rate in the industry!

◆ 100% intensive investment in one stock, up to 4 times including equity capital

◆ More than 1500 stocks, including ETFs, can be traded

◆ All stocks that are prohibited from buying and all stocks are available for consultation

◆ Credit/receivable repayment exchange loan as it is in the account used without the sale of the securities company

◆ You can also apply for unfrozen accounts.

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