Tesla shares in the plus after hours: Musk sells more Tesla shares for billions

Elon Musk has cashed in additional shares in the electric car manufacturer Tesla.

The currently richest person in the world sold around 934,000 shares to the value of 1.02 billion US dollars (a good 900 million euros), according to a message to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This brings the Tesla boss closer to his goal of reducing his stake in Tesla by ten percent.

At the beginning of November, Musk agreed to sell a tenth of his shares in the electric car manufacturer via a vote on the Twitter platform. Since then, he has silvered stocks in several transactions. With the latest sale, Musk has sold approximately 15.6 million shares totaling $ 16.4 billion to date. Musk had Twitter users vote whether he should part with ten percent of his Tesla shares in order to pay more taxes. To get to the targeted 10 percent, he would have to sell around 17 million shares. Musk is Tesla’s largest single shareholder. According to calculations by the Bloomberg news agency, he currently has a net worth of $ 278.9 billion, an increase of almost 80 percent this year alone.

After the hours of trading, Tesla shares rose 0.46 percent to $ 1,093.50 at times.

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