Speculation about “Tesla Model Pi”: is a Tesla smartphone coming soon?

Tesla is no longer just about modern electric cars. Now rumors are piling up about a possible smartphone from the Musk group.

• Apple enters the e-car market
• Rumors of a smartphone solution for Tesla users
• Fan designs surfaced

Apple is pushing the e-car market – is Tesla turning the tables?

With almost 500,000 deliveries in 2020, the US electric company Tesla secured the title of largest manufacturer of electric cars by a large margin. Nevertheless, the market is competitive: not only traditional car manufacturers such as Volkswagen or BMW are entering the market for electrically powered vehicles, with companies such as BYD, Xpeng and NIO, competition from China is also increasing. In addition, technology companies such as the iPhone manufacturer Apple or the smartphone giant Xiaomi are working on corresponding counterparts to Tesla’s successful models – even if it will take some time before models like the “iCar” can be found on public roads. Conversely, if smartphone manufacturers want to complete their range with e-cars, the question arises as to whether Tesla will venture into the mobile phone business.

Tesla’s business has long gone beyond electric cars

Tesla has long since committed itself to more than just electric vehicles. The main business of the group, headed by Elon Musk, also includes the production of battery storage systems and solar systems. In addition, the CEO always brings products outside of the usual range to the online shop. For example, Musk temporarily sold shorts with the Tesla logo – an allusion to the shortsellers he did not love, which predicted a disastrous future for Tesla shares. In addition to the “Tesla Tequila”, the entrepreneur recently also offered the “Cyberwhistle” in his own shop – a whistle whose design alludes to Tesla’s much-criticized Cybertruck. The collector’s item is said to have been sold out within a very short time.

App users complain of connection problems

With this, Tesla has proven several times that there is no fear of adding to the product portfolio. And so the idea of ​​a smartphone would possibly be an advantage for many users of the vehicles. Recently, numerous Tesla drivers complained about connection problems with the smartphone application, as reported by “Electrek”. For example, users could not connect to the Tesla vehicle in the app and thus no status data, such as the charge level, could be called up. After an affected Twitter user contacted Musk personally with the support request, he promised to take care of the failures and shortly afterwards announced that the problems had now been resolved.

Would Tesla users with their own smartphone from the electric car brand possibly be immune to such failures in the future?

Powerful QULACOMM chip

According to the tech portal “TechNewsWorld”, this would be quite possible. Rumors about a possible Tesla phone have been piling up on the Internet for some time, as they know. The smartphone should have a powerful Snapdragon 8 chip from QUALCOMM and appear in colors that Tesla fans are already familiar with from the paintwork of their favorite models. Not only could the cell phone function as a key for one’s own car, but with an interface to the high-speed Internet Starlink from Musk’s space company SpaceX, connection problems could be a thing of the past. Compared to common smartphone models, the Tesla cell phone could also be equipped with additional buttons that quickly trigger actions in connection with the vehicle, such as the locking mechanism or finding the vehicle.

Competition with Apple’s ecosystem?

According to the portal, Tesla could also target Apple’s smartphone business. This is because there is an intersection of consumers who use products from both companies. So if the iCar is announced soon, numerous Apple disciples could migrate from the Musk group. Furthermore, Apple is also known for its extreme customer loyalty and its expensive marketing campaigns. If Tesla now brings a smartphone onto the market itself, you can use it to keep customers in the Musk ecosystem, can be read in the tech blog.

Tesla fans are happy about unofficial designs

Tesla fans have already given a lot of thought to a possible design since the first rumors. In the summer, the concept designer Antonio De Rosa published an unofficial draft for the device on his Twitter channel, which he called “Tesla Model Pi” as an allusion to the mathematical constant.

However, this is in no way related to Tesla’s actual plans, but only serves as an illustration of what is possible.

Musk speaks out against smartwatch and cell phone

According to TechNewsWorld, a Tesla smartphone could also shine in combination with a company’s own wearable. However, Tesla itself has currently not announced a corresponding smartphone. In 2020, Musk denied rumors about a possible smartwatch, with which Tesla vehicles can be unlocked at the push of a button, on his Twitter account.

“Definitely not. Smartwatches and phones are yesterday’s technology, neural links are the future,” the technology expert dismissed the reports. Although Musk’s comment was more than a year ago about the E Group’s intentions to launch its own smartphone on the market, nothing official is known. So it remains to be seen how the rumors about Tesla’s mobile solution will develop. editors

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