Federal Agency: There is money for short-time work over the winter

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NUREMBERG (dpa-AFX) – According to its CEO Detlef Scheele, the Federal Employment Agency is prepared for a possible new wave of short-time workers should the corona pandemic develop problematically. Scheele told the German Press Agency in Nuremberg that there was sufficient cushion in the new budget for 2022 until March 31.

Short-time work has already risen noticeably since mid-November. “From a low level, but relatively erratic,” said Scheele. We therefore have to redeploy staff again in order to cope with the volume. “But we hope that it will be over by the end of March,” he said. The hospitality industry is affected, especially in the high-incidence areas of Bavaria and the new federal states.

There is no reason to assume that benefits will not be paid – in his view, the new federal government is not planning to change course either. It is conceivable that the federal government’s spring forecast will look different than the autumn forecast, on the basis of which the new budget was calculated. “If something comes after March, we may have to readjust again,” said Scheele.


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